gJoolz™ Custom Personalized Keychain for Corporate Gifts

Hand-made keychains and key rings with colorful and fun charms to make it special. Completely customizable to your specifications! 

Some examples to inspire you:

Corporate Gift. Worked with the author of the musical "Treason!", Camille Garro, to create a special Thank You gift for her cast and crew. The dates and name were hand-stamped in a font to complement the logo. The metal was hammered to look like something from Revolutionary times, and we created a glass charm that flips back and forth from the British flag to the Colonial flag. Perfect for a musical about Benedict Arnold! 

      "I love this keychain that Gail created for me!" --Camille G, author of 'Treason!'

Team Gift. Created a megaphone Backpack Charm for cheerleading teams. Cut a megaphone shape out, hand-stamped it with the team name and a hand-engraved 'cheer'. Added a glass heart in the team's colors and a sterling tag with the cheerleader's initial on it. Perfect team gift for a senior banquet. 

      "The girls loved the backpack charms we got them! A unique gift and something they will use!" Susan K, coach

Coach Gift. Choose a glass charm in your favorite coach's school colors, a sterling medallion with the school letters and the sport or activity, and a tag that says 'Coach'. Nice gift for that special coach who is always there for you. 

      "I cherish the key ring my girls got for me. I never leave home without it!" Sarah R, coach


Hand-crafted completely at gJoolz studios in Amesbury, MA. Metal is nickel or stainless. 

Discounts available for volume purchases. Orders take about 1-2 weeks depending on customization and quantity. Packaging is included. 

Contact us at gail@gJoolz.com for more info. 

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