'Party Swirl' Wine Stopper and Charms Set

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gJoolz™ 'Party Swirl' Wine Stopper & Charms Set

Elegant wine set with wine stopper and wine charms in artisan glass, personalizable with your initial or logo. The set consists of 6 individually hand-crafted wine charms and a 4.5" personalized wine stopper with hand-crafted artisan glass.

Choose 'Vino', 1-3 initials, or your logo for the personalized metal 'cigar-band' around the wine stopper. Choose from Moonlight gray, Aquamarine  (shown in the picture), Rose, Sapphire, or Topaz for the glass.

Each set is attractively gift boxed with customization options available for the packaging. 

Hand-crafted completely at gJoolz studios in Amesbury, MA. Metal is nickel or sterling. 

Discounts available for volume purchases. Orders take about 1-2 weeks depending on customization and quantity. Packaging is included. Shipping is free. 

Contact us at gJoolzGifts@gmail.com for more info.