School Joolz ™  Hand-crafted, keepsake jewelry for schools and teams

Personalized Dogtag/Keyring/Zipper Pull for your school or team

Solid, hand-riveted dogtag in brushed nickel with an activity of your choice, your school/team/mascot, a hand-made glass stud in your colors, and your graduation year.  Feels nice and heavy to the touch. Can be worn on a beaded stainless steel chain as a dogtag, or attached to a stainless steel lanyard hook to be used as a zipper pull or keyring. Great keepsake gift for boys, although girls have been known to like it too! 

To personalize:

  1. Type in: the letters for your school/team or mascot
  2. Choose: your sport or activity OR no activity if you just want the school/team letters
  3. Choose: your year. It can be your high school or middle school graduation year OR the current year
  4. Choose: your primary and secondary colors for your school/team
  5. Choose: the glass stud design you like the best. It will be made in your colors.
  6. Choose: beaded chain or zipper pull

Sturdy brushed nickel dogtag is 2" x 3/4". Beaded chain is stainless steel and 24" long.  Zipper pull is 1 3/4" long. Glass stud is set in a sterling bezel and riveted onto the nickel to be extra sturdy. The glass is tempered (like Pyrex) to be extra strong. The College-style letters work for any school, team, or mascot with 4 or fewer letters. For 5-8 letters, we use a block font just a bit smaller. The hand-made glass stud and hand-stamped nickel are all made at School Joolz studios in Amesbury, MA. Shipped in a nice gift box with gift bag/tissue for easy gift-giving.

Free shipping via USPS. Takes about a week once you order. 


High School graduation years: Senior-2018, Junior-2019, Sophomore-2020, Freshman-2021, 8th grade-2022, 7th grade-2023, 6th grade-2024, 5th grade-2025, 4th grade-2026, 3rd grade-2027, 2nd grade-2028, 1st grade-2029, Kindergarten-2030


About School Joolz ™...Gail Zona is a Massachusetts-based glass jewelry artist and metalsmith who specializes in artisan glass charms and sterling medallions. She is the founder of School Joolz ™, a line of hand-crafted keepsake jewelry to represent your school, team or sport. Each piece is  made-to-order with up to 8 clever options to showcase your individual pride and passion.  

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