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Riveted Personalized Cheer Dogtag

Solid, hand-riveted dogtag in brushed nickel with a cheer megaphone, your school/team/mascot, a hand-made glass stud in your colors, and your graduation year or 'Coach' or 'Dad' or 'Mom'. Great keepsake gift for male cheerleaders, cheer dads, and hardworking coaches. Female cheerleaders and cheer moms have been known to like it as well!

Sturdy brushed nickel dogtag is 2" x 3/4". Beaded chain is stainless steel and comes in 2 sizes for kids and smaller adults OR for larger kids and adults. (If you need an even smaller or larger size, email gail@schooljoolz.jewelry and we can cut it to order) . Glass stud is set in a sterling bezel and riveted onto the nickel to be extra sturdy. The glass is tempered (like Pyrex) to be extra strong. The College-style letters work for any school, team, or mascot with 4 or fewer letters. For 5-8 letters, we use a block font just a bit smaller. The hand-made glass stud and hand-stamped nickel are all made at School Joolz studios in Amesbury, MA. Shipped in a nice gift box with gift bag/tissue for easy gift-giving.

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High School graduation years: Senior-2018, Junior-2019, Sophomore-2020, Freshman-2021, 8th grade-2022, 7th grade-2023, 6th grade-2024, 5th grade-2025, 4th grade-2026, 3rd grade-2027, 2nd grade-2028, 1st grade-2029, Kindergarten-2030


About School Joolz ™...Gail Zona is a Massachusetts-based glass jewelry artist and metalsmith who specializes in artisan glass charms and sterling medallions. She is the founder of School Joolz ™, a line of hand-crafted keepsake jewelry to represent your school, team or sport. Each piece is  made-to-order with up to 8 clever options to showcase your individual pride and passion.  

Her recent work can be seen at cheer competitions and online at www.schooljoolz.jewelry. For group discounts and fundraising options, please contact Gail at gail@schooljoolz.jewelry.

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