Personalized Sterling Monogram Medallion 

Beautiful domed sterling medallion with your school initials  or your personal initials in stamped, black letters or hand-engraved letters. Choose 2, 3, or 4 initials.  

Choose 'stamped' to get the black letters or 'engraved' to get the hand-engraved curved letters. 

Create a monogrammed medallion personalized just for you or your special someone. Beautifully polished sterling silver disc with hand-engraved or hand-stamped letters for your high school, college, university or personal initials. Works best with 2-4 letters.

Stamped letters will be in a diagonal pattern from upper left to lower right. 

Engraved letters will appear as follows:


- With 2 letters (for example, CU for Colby University), the second will be offset to the right and down a bit to make it more visually appealing. 

- With 3 letters (for example, AHS for Amesbury High School), the middle letter will be larger to make it more visually appealing. So the 'H' is larger in AHS. If you are specifying initials, you might want to specify the initial for the last name as the middle letter. That is the traditional way that monograms are done. For example, my name is Mary Gail Zona. My initials are MGZ. I would specify MZG for engraving so the Z of my last name is larger in the middle. 

- With 4 letters (for example, Southern New Hampshire University or SNHU), the middle 2 letters will be larger to make it more visually appealing. 

Great for...

  • high school graduation gift, middle school graduation gift
  • athletes, cheerleaders, teacher's gift, coach's gift
  • birthday gift, Christmas gift
  • or just something special!


Gail Zona Jewelry dangles are hand-made and hand-engraved in Amesbury, MA.  The dangle itself is about the size of a dime and made of sterling silver.



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