'Thank you' Heart Key Ring for Health Care Workers

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'Thank you' Heart Key Ring for Health Care Workers

Say 'Thank You' to your cherished health care worker with this hand-crafted key ring AND help a COVID relief effort at the same time. 

We will donate $10 out of the $20 to America's Food Fund to help feed people in need. People affected by this pandemic need food more than ever right now, and this is our way to help. This is the same fund that Oprah donated $10M to in early April. 

The key ring was designed to give a little extra daily inspiration to the health care workers on the front lines who are dealing with this day and day out.


 The story: I created this inspirational 'thank you' key ring initially for the health care workers at my husband's hospital. He told me that they said they were scared to come to work every day and I thought maybe they could use a little extra inspiration.

My husband started handing them out, for free, to the people he was working with and got some big 'thank you's. Some nurses clipped them right to their badgesEveryone smiled. And THAT was the most important part! 


The key ring is made from an individually hand-crafted red glass heart and a laser-engraved nickel medallion with a lobster claw clasp. All work is done in our Amesbury, MA studios. Each key ring is sanitized in alcohol prior to packaging.

Shipping is free. Orders take about a week. If you would like us to include a hand-written note, saying who it's from and why, just tell us in the comments when you order. 


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