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Wedding Gifts that get instant "Thank you's"!

Personalized · Hand-crafted · Beautifully packaged

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Here is what people are saying about gJoolz Wedding Gifts...

"...I was driving home from the wedding when I got a phone call from Johnny, saying how much he and Catherine loved the gifts. He said they were impressed with the packaging, then saw the cool set and thought it was perfect for them, then they noticed that EVERYTHING was personalized specifically to them!  They were so wowed by the attention to detail and the quality... They and we could not have been happier.  Great job Gail!" ... Jim S.

"Gail was a pleasure to work with by pointing me in the right direction and providing me with two stellar and unforgettable gifts! I will absolutely be using GJoolz again for the other two weddings we have coming up this year to set ourselves apart from the other wedding guests!" ... Rosalind G.




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